10 Best Energy Boosting Foods

You need energy boosting foods, especially in the morning, to keep you active, strong, and alert throughout the day. If you have an active lifestyle and you are always on the go, you definitely need the extra energy provided by these healthy foods. The key to getting your much-needed energy is to find the right foods that are packed with nutrients which your body can convert to energy. Before we tell you which foods to eat, you must first know the reason why you lack energy.

10 Surprising Reasons You Have No Energy

10 Surprising Reasons You Have No Energy

Not Enough Sleep

Not enough sleep causes fatigue, tiredness, and a decrease in stamina. Growth hormones are secreted when you are sleeping and this effectively boosts your energy. If you feel tired in the morning after waking up, this is probably due to your lack of sleep. Read More – What is the recommended time for napping? How Long Should A Nap Be

You Eat Too Much Sugar

When you consume too much sugar, your kidneys, liver, and stomach have to work hard. This causes dehydration because there is an imbalance of electrolytes. Too much sugar can also cause digestive issues and fatigue. Consuming too much glucose and sucrose can leave you feeling sluggish and weak. In order to avoid sugar, you can use zero-calorie sweeteners like Stevia.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Tiredness and fatigue are caused by too much dehydration of the body. Instead of drinking soda or powdered juice drinks, which contain too much sugar, you should just drink water to keep you going. Remember, if you’re feeling weak and sluggish, then go ahead and drink a glass of water immediately.

Being Idle

You can tell your body to produce more energy just by walking. If you keep your body active, nitric acid is released from the artery linings to allow blood to flow freely through the vessels. By conditioning your body to be more active, the body responds by giving you the energy you need. However, if the body is conditioned to just relax and be idle, the body responds by minimizing energy production.

Low in Iron

Lack of energy may be caused by iron deficiency or anemia. One of the symptoms of anemia is fatigue and it is common for vegetarians and vegans, people with thyroid problems, and those with heavy menstrual flows. If you think your constant exhaustion is due to lack of iron, you can consume more iron-rich foods or you can also consult your doctor to test the iron level in your body.


Worrying and being stressed out can be very tiring. Stress induces the body to go into a fight or flight response, which increases the heart rate and blood pressure. With prolonged stress or long-term stress, it exhausts your bodily functions, which in turn makes you tired. In order to counter the effects of stress, try relaxing your mind and body through meditation or yoga. Read More – Stress Effects On The Body

Drinking Before Bed

Some people drink wine or liquor before going to bed to help them fall asleep. However, alcohol can prevent your body from going into its deep restorative sleep and it reduces the REM or rapid eye movement sleep. If you get less REM sleep, then you will feel tired and drowsy during the day. The best way to avoid this is to stop drinking alcohol before bed.

You Have an Infection

Any infection or inflammation in the body can cause you to feel tired and less energetic. You should always monitor your body for any signs of infection. Practicing good oral hygiene such as flossing can prevent gum inflammation. You can also prevent viral infections by always washing your hands, avoiding saturated fats, and getting the right amount of sleep.

Under-Active Thyroid

The thyroid is located at the front of your neck and it is responsible for your metabolism and immunity. Having an under-active thyroid may cause lack of energy and you may also gain weight. If you think that your constant tiredness is due to an under-active thyroid, then you should consult your doctor immediately.


Not getting enough sleep can cause low energy but oversleeping can also have the same effect. Sleeping too much can make you feel more drowsy and sluggish throughout the day. It is not true that oversleeping can make you feel well rested. Experts recommend sleeping 7 to 9 hours daily.

Energy Boosting Foods

Energy Boosting Foods

These are foods that contain the right amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that allow your body to produce more energy and keep you active throughout the day. As the name implies, these foods boost your energy level. Usually, energy-boosting foods contain healthy fats, iron, fiber, and protein that can boost your metabolism and help fight fatigue. Remember that these foods are not the unhealthy types which contain a lot of sugar and caffeine that some people consume to keep them awake.

Health Benefits of Energy Boosting Foods

Many energy boosting foods are rich in iron which can counter the effects of fatigue and tiredness. Iron is needed by your body to improve your physical and mental endurance. Plant-based iron is also good for women because it can lower their chances of developing PMS. If you are a vegetarian and you need a good source of iron, you should eat lots of beans, spinach, lentils, and sesame seed. Energy boosting foods are also low in fat and calories, which is perfect for people who want to lose weight. Food with high fat and calorie content can leave you feeling more tired and fatigued, while healthier energy boosting foods give you the extra energy to be more active. Energy boosting foods are natural and real foods. They don’t contain any chemicals or toxins that can harm the body and they are not processed foods. These energy-boosting foods are the healthier options that you should pick if you want to detoxify and keep your body clean from free radicals and cancer-causing substances. Most energy boosting foods are fruits that have high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants are very effective in keeping the body healthy and it also prevents serious diseases from developing. If you want to look younger and healthier, you should consume a lot of fruits that are known to boost energy such as bananas and cherries.

10 Best Energy Boosting Foods

10 Best Energy Boosting Foods

You can include these 10 top energy boosting foods to keep you alert, strong, and energized throughout the day.


Health Values

  • A handful of Acai berries is very good in combating fatigue and exhaustion.
  • It can also promote better skin health because of its high level of antioxidants.
  • It has the ability to reduce fat deposits which help you to lose weight.
  • Acai berries can promote heart health, helps in digestion, reduces irritation, boosts the immune system, and it has an anti-aging effect.


Health Values

  • Bananas are one of nature’s greatest snack foods because they are full of health benefits. They are rich in Potassium which maintains good heart function and regulates blood pressure.
  • Potassium also suppresses the secretion of calcium in your urine, which prevents kidney stones and decreases the risk of osteoporosis and brittle bones.
  • In terms of providing added energy, bananas have natural sugars and soluble fiber that delivers slow and steady energy release.
  • A small banana contains only 100 calories, which is great for people losing weight.
  • Other health benefits of banana include: treats a variety of skin conditions, cures ulcers and heartburn, improves digestion, high in vitamin B6, reduce stress and improves mood, and cures a hangover.


Health Values

  • Almonds are great mid-afternoon snack to keep your energy level up throughout the day. Just ¼ cup of almond can give you 207 calories, 5g protein, 5g fiber, 7g carbohydrates, vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, and phosphorus.
  • Almonds also contain compounds that help prevent heart disease and support healthy brain function.
  • Almond has the ability to fight free radical damage and oxidative stress that are closely linked to cancer.
  • Other big health benefits of Almonds include: reduce signs of aging, control blood sugar levels, prevents diabetes, assists in weight loss, promotes digestive health, and help maintain bone and dental health.


Health Value

  • Dates are rich in natural sugars such as fructose, glucose, and sucrose, which provide a quick energy boost.
  • It also has fiber which keeps your energy level up.
  • Dates contain high levels of potassium, which reduces the risk of stroke and improves heart health.
  • Dates can improve digestive health because it is rich in soluble fiber that draws water into the digestive tract.
  • Dates can also strengthen the good bacteria in your stomach. It can prevent anemia, boost your immune system, and promote bone and blood health.


Health Value

  • Cacao is considered by many as a superfood that can boost your energy and burn excess fat.
  • Cacao contains many phytonutrients that improve focus and alertness and keeps you in a great mood.
  • The cacao beans are very rich in magnesium, which is vital to muscle and nerve function.
  • Eating pure cacao is also very good for losing weight because it is high in fiber.
  • You can get 6 percent of your recommended daily iron intake per ounce from raw cacao nibs.
  • It is very high in antioxidants that can reduce the risk of coronary disease and stroke.
  • Cacao has polyphenols that can help treat diarrhea.


Health Value

  • Cherries are rich in natural sugar such as fructose which provides added energy.
  • Cherries are very rich in antioxidants that effectively neutralize the free radicals that are associated with premature aging, the weakening of the heart and nervous system, colon and prostate cancer, loss of libido, hair loss, and macular degeneration.
  • Cherries contain high levels of Vitamin C, Carotenoids, and flavonoids, which boosts your immunity and protects your body from viral and fungal infections.
  • Cherries can promote the eyes from common infection, as well as other serious diseases.
  • Cherries are rich in fiber which can relieve constipation, plus the acids in them can aid in proper digestion.


Health Value

  • When the negatively charged ions found in lemon enter your digestive tract, it produces higher energy levels.
  • Lemon is high in vitamin C, which stimulates white blood cell production and boosts your immune system.
  • The antioxidants in lemon can counter the damages caused by free radicals, which keeps your skin young looking. Lemon promotes the production of collagen that prevents wrinkles and slows down skin aging.
  • Lemon contains pectin which keeps you feel fuller longer, thus helping you lose weight.
  • Lemon and water can aid in digestion and detoxification. Lemon can also help in relieving indigestion and upset stomach.

8Brown Rice

Health Value

  • Brown rice is rich in manganese which helps your body convert proteins and carbohydrates into energy.
  • Brown rice is a slow-release carbohydrate maintains blood sugar levels and keeps energy consistent.
  • It contains high levels of fiber that promotes bowel movements, reduce constipation, and keeps bowels healthy.
  • Its high magnesium content is good for regulating blood pressure and promoting better heart health.
  • It is high in phytonutrients that protect against heart diseases.
  • Brown rice is a healthy option for maintaining a stable cholesterol level.
  • Brown rice can lower the risk of developing colon cancer, leukemia, and breast cancer.
  • It is beneficial for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.
  • It has anti-depressant properties that can combat anxiety-related disorders.
  • It is helpful in treating insomnia. It contains melatonin, which relaxes the nerves and increases your sleep cycle.
  • Brown rice is also rich in calcium and magnesium, which prevents bone demineralization. It can also aid in the treatment of arthritis and osteoporosis.


Health Value

  • Kiwi can provide a significant boost to your mood and deliver increased energy.
  • Kiwi contains actinidin, which is an enzyme that aids in digestion.
  • It has high levels of potassium, which keeps your electrolytes balanced and helps manage your blood pressure.
  • It has high vitamin C content and other antioxidants that boost your immunity.
  • Kiwi has low glycemic index and high fiber content which inhibits insulin so the body will not restore unwanted fat, thus supporting weight loss.
  • The fiber in Kiwi helps clean your intestinal tract from toxins.
  • Eating 2 to 3 Kiwis per day can help reduce blood clotting without any side effects.
  • Kiwi does not raise your blood sugar quickly, which means it is suitable for diabetic people.
  • Kiwis are a good source of vitamin E, which can protect the skin from degeneration and aging.


Health Value

  • Mangoes are full of vitamins and minerals that can replenish lost salts, vitamins, and energy after a physical workout or exercise.
  • Mangoes are rich in fiber that can help in proper digestion and elimination.
  • Mangoes have generous amounts of vitamin C and A that can keep your immune system strong and healthy.
  • One cup of sliced mango can provide 25 percent of your daily need for vitamin A, which promotes clear and healthy eyesight.
  • Mango has high levels of vitamin C, pectin, and fiber, which helps lower cholesterol level.
  • The antioxidants in mango can help lower the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, and prostate cancer.
  • Mango can be used internally and externally to clear clogged pores and eliminate pimples.

10 Best Energy Boosting Foods

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